Family Owned and Operated

We have been a family owned and operated business since 1974! Several of our family members are on hand every day to meet your needs.

The Higgins Family

Buffalo Creek Marina is owned and operated by Chuck Higgins and his lovely wife Joanna. They can be found on site every day along with their staff including many of their NINE beautiful children! 

The property was originally purchased in 1974 by Chuck's father, Charles L. Higgins Sr. who was commonly known as Charlie. He was the active owner of Buffalo Creek Marina until his passing in 2019. 

Chuck and his dad worked together for 23 years to realize a vision for the marina. Chuck is going to continue on in this vision and work to keep Buffalo Creek Marina operating as a family owned and favored place on Lake Murray to come for refreshment and a good time. It is his prayer that his dad will be honored by his continued work toward their vision.


What does Tatanka mean? Tatanka is a Lakota word meaning "Big Beast." Tatanka is a reference to the Buffalo. For the Lakota people Tatanka was their meaning in life. Their daily lives revolved around Tatanka. They relied upon the buffalo for food, clothing and housing. Here at Buffalo Creek Marina we feel a connection to the Lakota people as our lives also depend upon the BUFFALO. This marina is our way of life so don't be surprised if we greet you with a Tatanka!!

Lake Murray Country

Buffalo Creek Marina is located in the midlands of South Carolina on beautiful Lake Murray. Lake Murray is a 50,000 acre lake with 500 miles of shoreline, established in 1927 to provide hydroelectric power to the state of South Carolina. It has since become a popular recreation area.


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